The Mississippi Blues Trail – Next Stop Cahors


Southern Music Trails
To Stop or not to Stop ?
Congratulations to Cahors France!

Autumn is the  time of year when I usually  start planning next year’s travel plans which invariably take me along some Blues trail in Mississippi or to music cities of Memphis and Nashville,Tennessee -most of my holidays seem to be music orientated.

This week it just so happens that my itinerary may need to  add on another stop to the Blues trail  but in France this time because Cahors has the new stop on the Mississippi Blues Trail .

This new addition to Mississippi Blues markers is the second out of state marker and was inaugurated on July 14th 2014 in the Fenelon street Cahors .Thanks to Malcolm White of Mississippi tourism and the French Blues magazine SOULBAG.

Not to Stop
On a different note ; Newmarket holidays and their Elvis Tour in Tennessee 2015  are cutting out their Chattanooga visit.

Now I m not that worried as I have been there a few times but I just fancied popping in to my friends on the way back and there are things to do in Chattanooga besides the Choo Choo -maybe they just ran out of time. So “pardon me boys” but this is not a stop.

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