You do not have to break the bank to go on a transatlantic cruise discover repositionning cruises and you will find  there are some very good deals up for grabs

We got our flight back from La Martinique to Europe included in the price which was 1,600 euros for three weeks for two which is a deal in my book!  

It took us a long time to give in to cruising fever but we did finally succomb three years ago with a one week cruise around the Med I was living in Nice, France so it was relatively easy to hop on a cruise liner from Genoa or Marseille.

Last minute deals are Always available wherever you live

We had been on several Mediterrarean cruises many were booked at the last minute and never with a balcony as budget could not stretch to that, plus we discovered that apart from sleeping we were practically never in the stateroom .

 Last November we decided to sail further afield and for a longer period so we did our research and booked to the West Indies from Marseille with MSC. We do sail Costa too.

So here is the tip! Cruise companies like MSC and Costa reposition their cruise ships from the Med to the Caribbean every season in November and sail back to the Med  in March or April , rather then sending an empty ship across the Atlantic , they often offer super deals and we got our flight back from La Martinique to Europe included in the price which was 1,600 euros for three weeks for two which is a deal in my book

Where did we go ? Marseille , Barcelona , Malaga, Santa Cruz, Tenerife then five days at sea (no the sea was not rough and no we did not get bored)  six islands including Barbados, St Kitts, St Martin, and the Martinique

The down side was as the return flight was included  at the end of the cruise we were given no time to visit but were flown straight home from La Martinique ; so that is on the bucket list is for next year  I appreciated the the ship itself , the MSC Presioza which is not a giant ship remains at a humane level , passenger number wise

A few useful links I used but there are a lot more out there 





Please share your cruising tips with us , we would love to know where you went !

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After the Storm St Maarten

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  1. karmenclair says:

    So smart! I’ve never seen that tip before. Now I’ll have to watch for that. How many days was the cruise? It was a three week cruise

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