Testing: Personal Shopper site: Lookiero

I am testing an online personal shopper website and I absolutely love it so far!

LOOKIERO is the name and this is the link to the UK site but I actually use the French site because that is where I am based this winter; they also do business in a couple of other European countries Spain and Portugal, I think .

The idea is simple , you answer questions about your measurements and taste in clothes and every month on your selected date  you receive a selection of five garments that a personal shopper has selected for you .

In fact you can receive a box more frequently than once a month or only occasionally on specific dates , it s up to you. This month I have selected two dates but I may skip next month , I ll see.


What I love about this is that :

1 Postage is free even when you send the items back if you choose not to keep them .

2 You get a great discount if you keep all the five items which is what I did for my first box; I paid 164 euros for the five items after a 25% discount!

What did I receive in my first box ?

One dark blue short sleeved blouse: high neck.

One light blue print blouse with a V neck.

A pair of mustard coloured jeans that I absolutely adore!

One dark brown orange flecked dress . Knee length. I will add photos soon. This dress was lined and reminded me of one I had seen in One Step , which is a shop I love.

I must add the quality is superb and so comfortable , the clothes are by no means cheap looking and shoddy, oh no!

I would love to share your experiences about Lookiero or any other personal shopper sites.

Will be back soon (LKJANE1PTE) if you want to check it out 😉 or check out with it !

About Horizons South

Freelance journalist specializing in feature magazine articles . I write about travel but also history and antiques plus feature articles on social interest and current affairs You can find me www.horizonssouth.com - the freelance writers place on the web. London School of Journalism University of Warwick UER sophia antipolis Nice Contact me : jay@horizonssouth.com
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