Four Nights in Vienna

And you will want to come straight back.

Imperial Vienna

August 2019

Getting there

As Austrian Airlines was fully booked, we opted for a lowcost on the site GO voyages which we had never used before but which found us a really good deal with a Eurowings outward flight and a Wizz on the return flight. Whereas the outbound journey with Eurowings left us pleasantly surprised I would not recommend Wizz at all for many reasons complete chaos as to boarding and seat allocation.

As the flights were more than reasonable 280 return for two we chose a centrally located hotel for a few euros extra so that we could visit the maximum number of places of interest on foot and nip back for a rest whenever we felt like it . Astoria Trend Wien.

Hazelnut speciality

Five days are just not enough to visit half of what Vienna has to offer but that is all we had , the great thing about Vienna is that it is easy to get around on foot, tram or metro U the food is to die for especially the Sachertorte among other cakes .

The Kiss

We took the tram from Mitte station in Vienna to see the Klimt collection , it was cheap and quick and it dropped us off straight opposite the Belvedere . A must among so many others.



About Horizons South

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