If you have ever decided against a trip to the Caribbean because you have children and you are afraid it may be all too stressful, then think again because Guadeloupe may be your ideal holiday destination; there are child friendly beaches of course, but there are zoos too and some of the most beautiful parklands in the Caribbean. Paradise awaits the whole family .

Parks and Gardens

Les Jardins De Valombreuse

Jardin Amerindien et de Plantes Medicales du Musee Edgar Clerc

French actor , Coluche s house and garden

Zoo Parc des Mamelles

Rendez vous aux jardins

Best Beaches for Children

Plage du Souffleur, Port Louis, 97117, Guadeloupe

Plage du Bois Jolin ,( Anse du Belley, Sainte-Anne 97180, Guadeloupe) is ideal and shady has wonderful reviews.

Plage des Dauphins lives up to its name with boat trips out to see Dolphins has showers .

Reviews Trip Advisor


An abundance of fresh fruit, naturally but don t forget to try these before you leave, Colombo, Mackerel sandwich.

Ti Punch

Planter s Rum Cocktail not for the little ones

Bananes Flambees


On your way back, don t forget to pack some local specialities……..

Fresh nutmeg, sugar products, curry spices, RUM -Ti-arrange mix for Rum cocktail!

Bead Jewelry made from local seeds.

Purifying soap du Soufre for problem skins.


Museum Sugar Cane Industry

Distilleries Guadeloupe WITHOUT the children, of course.


Mrs. Flower in Guadeloupe, has all the solutions for you and your children.

Mrs. Chimen Flower rents out bungalows on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, her Guest House facilities, Guad Zen, petit Bourg, are situated in Le Moule, a haven for families and kids Flower s holiday home is super child friendly; she makes wooden toys and has daily activities for toddlers and older children in what she calls her Children s Universe.

Guada Zen can be found on booking .com here.


Cell Phone: 06 90 60 3118


Warning Chikungunya, this is to be taken seriously and is a threat in Guadeloupe and elsewhere on the globe, so many people just get up and go , to any country without thinking it through and spending the necessary time planning, when? where? to make their holiday as enjoyable as possible.

Check WHO website

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